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Lockbox is a resource for Realtors that offers lessons, tips, tricks, scripts and hacks to grow their businesses. Created by veteran Realtor Peter Chabris, we offer a video blog, a weekly newsletter, and Continuing Education classes designed to grow Realtors' businesses and financial confidence. Subscribe to our newsletter below!

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Are you a Realtor looking for more leads, better skills, and more financial confidence? This blog is your resource to create that reality!

What is “Return on Database”?

Ok Realtor friends, are you effectively measuring the health of your business? Most agents focus on the number of homes sold, total volume, or overall profit. While these are ...

What is Social Proof … and How Does It Influence Real Estate Sales?

Realtor friends, are you fully leveraging the power of social proof in your sales strategy? Do you know what the term actually means, and how it applies to generating ...

The *OTHER* Regulatory Change We’re Facing

As we all prepare for the changes triggered by the proposed NAR settlement, there is another, less popularized shift in our regulatory environment that may not be on everyone’s ...

Why This Blog Matters to You

Weekly content weekly to help grow your sales, income and financial confidence!

Industry Veteran

Hosted by 20+ year industry veteran Peter Chabris, founder of Cincinnati's largest sales team and a nationally recognized trainer and speaker. 

Lead Flow

Every successful sales career starts with leads; Peter will share best practices around growing your sales leads.

Sales Skills

Better sales skills make you more efficient with your time! Tap into Peter's deep experience to improve your lead conversion, sales and service skills. 

Mindset & Financial Confidence

Market conditions come and go. Maintain the right mindset and grow your financial confidence and competence with Peter's guidance. 


Thrive in Any Real Estate Environment

Lockbox is here to provide quick, digestible - and most importantly - actionable lessons in leads, listings, and leadership. We're here to help you grow your sales business, income, and financial confidence. Your host is Peter Chabris, a 20+ year veteran in the industry and founder of Cincinnati's largest real estate sales team, which closes hundreds of sales every year. Why 'Lockbox'? As Realtors, we can all relate to a lockbox - it represents access to opportunity. Opportunity to sell houses, opportunity to grow our businesses, opportunity to improve our finances, and opportunity to grow as leaders. Subscribe to our newsletter for additional lessons and opportunities not shared on this website.

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