Why your new client leads don’t trust you…


The question is “How do we earn trust as real estate?”

Well there’s no like simple way that you can guarantee earning trust with everybody all the time, but there are two techniques that you can use to earn your client’s trust faster. I’m going to share one of those techniques today.

First, remember the fact that people buy from people that they trust and so they’re not going to buy your service – helping them buy sell or invest in real estate – until they feel like they can trust you. So how do I earn somebody’s trust? People trust people that they know care about them, and so it’s very important that you demonstrate that you care for people and you care about the ultimate outcome of this process. I know this all sounds basic but we often skip this step, and it’s worth pumping the breaks and thinking about this.

So how do you demonstrate that you care? The way that you demonstrate to people that you care is by listening – listening to their story, asking them questions, and then really being present and focused. Listen to what they’re looking for and more importantly the why behind that what.

What’s the real estate script you can use to demonstrate that you care?

It’s really simple. When somebody tells you about something they’re looking for, you simply – pause and be sincere because we are – and just say “What’s important to you about that?” Then be quiet. Let them fill the space and tell you what’s important, because now you’re getting to the why, the important thing. They might give you a superficial answer, that’s okay. Just ask a follow-up question: “Tell me more about that” or “What will that ultimately do for you and your family?” Then be quiet again. Give them the opportunity to be real with you and tell you what’s important to them.

When you listen, you’re present with them and you’re demonstrating that their needs come first before yours. To demonstrate you’re listening, repeat back what they say back to you. If they say “Peter, we want to be in the Lakota School District,” and I say “Okay great the Lakota School District, what’s important to you about that?” and they say “Well, the Lakota School group has this great engineering program and our son wants to be an engineer.” I’m going to say “Wow that’s really exciting! What I hear you saying is that the Lakota School District is really important to you because your son is an aspiring engineer and you want to get into that program where you can capture his talent and excitement about this discipline. Is that right?” For us as salespeople, that feels a little cheesy but what you have to understand is in the process of repeating what somebody has told you, you demonstrate that you’re listening and by extension that you care.

We all care about our clients or we wouldn’t be in a fiduciary business. However, oftentimes we skip this critical step of showing people that we care. Using this simple process will help you demonstrate that you care and ultimately earn trust faster. Real estate sales go at the Speed Of Trust.