Why Realtors aren’t confident in their finances


If you’re watching this video, you’re probably a residential real estate agent. If you’re like me, there have been times in your career where you’ve felt a little bit of anxiety around your personal finances. I hated that feeling, but it’s real because we’re on 100% commission. There is no salary. There is no consistency in our income. It’s a horrible feeling, and I have spent years and years trying to solve for this feeling and get to consistent sales where I can seize the opportunities of the market and not be pulled down by the anxiety of this industry. What I’ve found is that the bridge between anxiety and capitalizing the opportunities of our industry, boils down to three things.

Those three things are lead flow (the number of leads that you have) your skills (your ability to convert those leads and move them forward in the process) and finally your mindset because whatever your programming is in between your ears, that’s how you experience reality. What I’ve done over these 20 years of books and books on tape and seminars and coaches and all the things that I’ve done to move myself forward in the industry, it shouldn’t be this hard. What I’ve found in our community is that there is no resource where you can quickly get digestible, executable, actionable lessons, ideas, hacks, skills to move you forward in one of those three categories. So we’ve created lockboxcoaching.com to be a place where you can watch videos that are five minutes or less that you can instantly implement to level up your sales and ultimately your career and your finances in this industry.

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