Tony Robbins’ 3 Decisions for Realtors


Have you ever stopped to consider the fundamental decisions that shape not only your business, but your entire life?

In late February, I had the opportunity to attend a general session with the one and only Tony Robbins, the master of maximizing personal and professional potential. He shared three powerful strategies that are particularly relevant to us in the real estate industry:

1. Your Focus Determines Your Reality

First and foremost, Tony emphasizes the importance of focus. In real estate, what you choose to focus on daily can significantly influence (really, determine) your success. Do you concentrate on the challenges, or do you focus on the opportunities and solutions? Your focus directs your feelings, and these feelings drive your actions. For instance, if you focus on the potential for growth in a slow market, you’ll likely feel optimistic and motivated, leading to proactive behaviors such as enhancing your marketing strategies or improving client relationships.

2. The Meaning You Assign Your Experience Shapes Your Actions

Next, consider the meanings you assign to the events around you. Tony argues that events by themselves carry no inherent meaning; it is the meaning we ascribe to them that impacts our lives. For a Realtor, the interpretation of market trends, client feedback, or a lost sale can frame your professional outlook. If transaction volumes decrease, do you see doom and gloom, or an opportunity to capture more market share as competitors pull back? The meanings you attach to business developments profoundly affect your resilience, creativity, and ultimately, the actions you take.

3. Your Actions Define Your Results

Finally, the cornerstone of Tony’s philosophy is that action is the only path to results. Knowing what to focus on and the meanings you assign are only as good as the actions they inspire. In real estate, your business growth depends on the actions you take, such as following up on leads, continuously learning, and adapting to market changes. Effective actions are informed by a positive focus and empowering interpretations of your business environment.

Applying Tony’s Insights to Real Estate

How do we apply these decisions to our real estate careers? Start by evaluating your current focus areas. Are they aligned with your business goals, or are you focusing on things that undermine your business goals? We often allow our focus to wander to topics that undermine our success. Adjust your focus to elements that drive your business forward, such as client satisfaction, marketing techniques, and lead generation.

Next, reframe challenges as opportunities. Recently there’s been a lot of dialogue around NAR’s proposed settlement. What are the business opportunities to be found in this change in the regulatory environment? Here’s one: in the long term, there will probably be less agents in the industry, and that means more sales opportunities for those of us who choose to thrive in the changes!

Lastly, take deliberate actions that align with your refined focus and meanings. Whether it’s investing in new technology to enhance client interactions or dedicating time to networking in your community, ensure your actions are calculated to drive measurable outcomes.

By mastering these three decisions—controlling what you focus on, the meanings you assign to events, and the actions you take—you can significantly influence your business’s trajectory and your personal satisfaction within the industry.

Remember, the path to success in real estate isn’t just about hard work; it’s about making smarter decisions that lead to effective actions. Take control of these decisions, and watch how they transform your business and your life.