Seize the Peak: The Imperative of Massive Action for the Next 30 Days


Hello Realtor friends, this is Peter Chabris from Lockbox, your go-to platform for insights on leads, listings, and leverage. It’s time to rally, buckle up, and make hay because we have just 30 days remaining in our peak season here in Cincinnati.


You might wonder why the urgency. Real estate, as we know, is cyclical. There is a rhythm to our industry and it’s tied directly to the seasons. This is especially true in places like Cincinnati where we experience all four seasons and their corresponding weather patterns. Additionally, with schools starting in the Fall, parents moving kids into new school districts buy in the second quarter to move and get settled in the third quarter of the year before school starts. That’s why seasonality dictates the pace of our real estate industry.


It’s Peak Season!


Here’s an eye-opening statistic that illuminates our current urgency: 38% of all new sales in Cincinnati originate during just 25% of the year. Let me say that again because it’s worth repeating: Nearly 40% of all our sales opportunities come from just three months of the year—April, May, and June. As we find ourselves on June 1st with only 30 days left in this pivotal season, it’s time to make the most of it.


This year, the urgency is especially significant. The rhythm of our industry has been coupled with mixed signals from the economy. Sales have dropped 23% year over year – a change so swift, it’s felt like a whiplash for those of us on the frontlines. The inflation rate continues to hover between 5 and 6%, significantly higher than the federal government’s target of 2%. This situation potentially hints at more increases in interest rates, and that means a corresponding increase in mortgage rates in the latter half of the year.


But amidst this apparent turbulence, we find a healthy economic factor as well—historically low unemployment rates. At 3.5%, our unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in 50 years. So, we find ourselves amidst an economy sending mixed messages, creating uncertainty about what to expect.


It’s also essential to keep in mind that, traditionally, once the July 4 weekend comes, the real estate industry in Cincinnati noticeably slows down. People start focusing on grill outs, summer plans, and staying cool. So what does all this mean? It underscores the importance of taking massive action now. 


What Can I Control?


We can’t control the economy, we can’t control consumers’ behaviors, but we certainly have complete control over our actions. Over the next 30 days, we need to capitalize on the opportunities at hand, exploit the seasonality of our industry, and make hay while the sun shines. 


As real estate agents, our success depends not just on riding the cycles but also on our ability to act decisively and massively when it matters most.


Our real estate market may be facing an atypical year due to the mixed economic signals, but it’s also an opportunity to showcase our resilience and adaptability. Top producers will make the most of these last 30 days of peak season. After all, the actions that we take today will show up in our checking account – for better or for worse – 60 to 90 days from now. 


It’s time to make hay while the sun is up. Or said more directly … we have 30 days left to take massive action when it matters most.