Jordan Freed’s 4 “C’s” of Success


What if there was a simple blueprint for unlocking the most potent version of yourself –  a simple and effective way to achieve success in your desired pursuits?

Last month at Crush 2024, executive business coach Jordan Freed shared just that. He was the keynote speaker at the event, and the 60 minutes he shared with us was a steady stream of simple truths that were both inspiring and actionable. (Thanks Jordan for your shout-out about the event and what true friendship is about!) One of Jordan’s themes was the “Four C’s of Success”. They are so simple and profound, and apply to any pursuit of success, be it personal or professional:


The first ‘C’ is Clarity: Clarity of Purpose. In real estate, as in life, having a clear vision of your goal is critical. This clarity isn’t just about knowing what you want; it’s about being emotionally connected with your goal. When you have a clear understanding of your objective and your heart is in alignment with that objective, your path becomes more focused. This clarity will help you identify the actions necessary to achieve your goal and the distractions you need to avoid. It’s about being laser-focused on your target, whether it’s selling a certain number of homes, reaching a specific income level, or achieving a personal milestone.


From Clarity springs Certainty: Certainty in decision-making. This principle revolves around the idea of making informed and confident decisions. In real estate, you’re constantly bombarded with choices – which listings to take, which clients to prioritize, which marketing strategies to employ. Clarity of purpose gives you the certainty to make clear, confident, and decisive decisions. When you know what you want (Clarity), it enables you to say with Certainty ‘no’ to all the choices that don’t align with your goal … and ‘yes’ to what do. This selective approach not only streamlines your efforts and eliminates distractions, but also maximizes your productivity and effectiveness.


The third ‘C’ is Courage: Courage to act. It’s one thing to have a plan, but it takes courage to put that plan into action. In the world of real estate, this might mean stepping out of your comfort zone, trying new marketing or prospecting tactics, or entering new market segments. Courage is about aligning your actions with your mind and heart, and bravely pursuing your goal with all your talents and energy. It’s about embracing some risk and taking the initiative, facing challenges head-on, and not shying away from difficult conversations or decisions.


Finally, we have Consistency: Consistency in actions. Consistency is one of the most undervalued words in the world of business and success. Consistency is the glue that holds all the other ‘C’s together. In real estate, this means consistently taking the right actions: generating new leads, following up with old ones, communicating consistently with clients, providing an excellent customer experience, and continuing to invest in your skills and professional development. It’s about doing the small things right, day in and day out, that compound over time to yield remarkable results. I’m reminded of a favorite phrase of one of my mentors, “it’s all about time on task over time.”

These four C’s – Clarity, Certainty, Courage, and Consistency – are a simple and effective roadmap to achieving success in any pursuit, be it personal or business.

Success in real estate isn’t just about the transactions you close; it’s about the journey you undertake to become the best version of yourself. After all, the growth of your business will always be limited by your personal growth. By embracing the Four C’s, you position yourself to not only achieve your professional goals but also to experience personal growth and fulfillment.