How to Generate More Listings with Social Media


In cities like Cincinnati – and across most of the country – Realtors are experiencing a highly limited availability of listings. In the most acute seller’s market in our country’s history, it’s a great time to take listings! The question we are all asking ourselves is, ‘How do I take more listings?’


Perception is Reality


In sales specifically, and for the most part, life in general, perception is reality. How you’re perceived by your sphere of influence will significantly impact the number of listing referrals you generate, and your ability to convert them. And love it or hate it, there is no easier place to control perception than with social media. With social media at your fingertips, you possess powerful tools to actively shape and control this perception, enhancing your professional standing and reliability as a listing agent. 


Here are three strategies you can use to improve your sphere’s perception of you as an agent who knows how to sell listings: 


Strategy 1: Showcase new listings


Consistently sharing new listings on your social platforms demonstrates your commitment and active role in the real estate market. Moreover, there will be an unconscious (sometimes conscious) association of you and new listings. If you’re part of a sales team, share the team’s new listings! A good team will take 10-20 listings per month and you can share the listings that best complement your vision for the kinds of listings you would like to take in the future. Don’t belong to a team? Leverage your brokerage’s listings! 


Quick note here: It’s important that you always obtain the necessary permissions and give credit where it’s due. And don’t limit yourself just to your team’s or your brokerage’s inventory — there’s value in occasionally sharing eye-catching listings from other brokerages, as long as it’s done with permission from the listing agent, respectfully, and transparently.


Strategy 2: New Construction is Your Friend


The prospect of building your home home can be intoxicating: you pick your floor plan, your finishes, and you move into a low- to no-maintenance home for several years. Mix into the scenario the fact that there are so few homes on the market, and you can see why there’s a growing interest in new construction. 


New construction is your friend! Tour model homes, construction sites, etc. with local builder reps! By showcasing such properties, you can establish yourself as someone who has their finger on the pulse of new developments and understands new construction. Why? A lot of people who want to buy new construction have a home to sell, and that means a listing opportunity for you. 


Strategy 3: Give Essential Seller Advice  


Knowledge sharing can truly position you as an expert on a subject matter. So take the time to share videos on social media about topics that sellers are interested in. Topics such as preparing their property for sale, optimizing curb appeal, or ensuring an accurate home valuation are valuable to people planning to sell their home. By sharing this relevant and helpful information, you position yourself as a trusted and knowledgeable resource in the field … and the agent they should call when they are ready to sell. 


Positioning Matters


Perception is reality in sales. Using social media is a smart and effective way to improve your sphere’s perception of your capacity as a listing agent. By diligently applying these three strategies, you can significantly bolster your that perception.