How to Ask for A Five-Star Review


Today we are going to break down two different strategies for asking for an online review. And if you read to the bottom, I will share with you the Jedi-level technique that will significantly increase the frequency with which you earn those precious five-star reviews. The important thing to remember here is that online reviews are the new currency of trust when working with people that have not yet met you. 


So first, a quick refresher. Remember the days when testimonials, usually handwritten or spoken, served as the benchmark for social proof? Fast forward to today, and it’s the 5-star reviews on your online profiles that consumers seek out to decide if they are willing to connect with you. In our age of information, clients are turning to the internet to confirm your credibility, ensuring that strangers from all walks of life vouch for your competence. In simple terms, to make a mark, you need strong online 5-star reviews.


And before we go any further, I should explicitly state an assumption I am making: You are creating a great experience for your customers. If you aren’t, you shouldn’t be asking for a 5-start review! 


Strategy One: The ‘Good News’ Review


Your first method is anchored in positive emotion. Picture this: Your client has just had a win, be it getting their dream home under contract or selling their house over the asking price. They are thrilled with your performance, and this is your opportunity to make the ask. True, the transaction hasn’t closed yet, but they are on a high due to your hard work. There are still items and details to manage after that high. And as the high wears off and they get to the closing table, they have to focus on actually moving. With the winning emotions of the moment gone and replaced by the tedious details of closing and the massive hassle of moving ahead of them, your clients might just forget about giving you that review altogether.


Strategy Two: The Proof is in The Pudding


Contrary to the above, this strategy is about patience and finishing STRONG. You wait till the end to ensure that ‘the proof is in the pudding’: the closing has occurred, the hurdles crossed, and the problems solved. As you sit with your client at the closing table, content and satisfied, this is when you ask them for the review. Respectfully and directly ask them to leave a 5-star review if they believe you’ve provided great service. The key with this strategy is that once you ask them and they agree to do so, immediately text them the link to leave the review – make it as easy as possible for them to do so! You may also need to follow up several times to ensure they leave the review, as moving is a major production and can consume most of their attention. 


Both strategies have their merits. At The Chabris Group, most agents use the Good News Reviews strategy, though some follow the Proof Is In The Pudding strategy. What matters is that each agent is consistent about how they ask. In fact, at the time of writing, we have over 1,500 reviews on our Google My Business page.  


The Jedi 5-Start Review Technique

Still reading? Here’s the Jedi technique to get more clients to leave positive reviews: initiate a pact with your client at the beginning of the relationship. When you initially meet with your client, underscore the importance of the 5-star review in your professional journey. Ask them to be a part of it. Here’s an example: “Mr. and Mrs. Buyer, ensuring that you have a seamless experience is my utmost priority. The real testament of my service would be a 5-star review from you. If I meet or even exceed your expectations, would you leave a positive review of me online?” 


By doing this, you form a silent social contract. At the moment of good news (strategy #1) or at the closing (strategy #2), all you’d need to do is gently remind them of this mutual agreement. 

The importance of having a strong online presence is critical to the long-term health and vibrancy of your business. Get started building those reviews now!