How do I demonstrate competence in a buyer consultation?


Ok Realtor Friends,

Now that we’ve explored how to establish warmth in your buyer consultations, it’s time to focus on the second critical component of building trust: demonstrating competence. While warmth earns you the client’s personal trust, competence wins their professional trust, which is critical to signing a buyer broker agreement.

Why Competence Matters

Competence assures your clients that you’re not only a friendly face but also a capable professional who can effectively handle their real estate needs. It’s about showcasing your expertise and ability to manage one of the most significant financial decisions of their lives. So, how do you convincingly demonstrate this during your buyer consultations?

Strategies to Demonstrate Competence

1. Highlight Your Experience: Experience speaks volumes. Share how many years you’ve been in the business, emphasizing the breadth of your expertise. If you’re newer to the industry, mention the collective experience of your team or brokerage, like saying, “The Chabris Group brings over 200 years of combined real estate expertise to the table.”

2. Quantify Your Success: Where smiling and demonstrating genuine interest in people generates personal trust, numbers can be incredibly influential in earning professional trust. Discuss the number of transactions you handle annually compared to the average realtor. For example, “While the average agent in our area handles six to nine transactions per year, I personally manage over 100.” If your numbers are still growing, leverage your team’s or brokerage’s performance.

3. Market Knowledge: Share insights that reflect your deep understanding of the local real estate market. Talk about your brokerage’s market share, or the average transaction rate per agent in your office. These stats help clients see that they’re dealing with a top-tier professional.

4. Performance Metrics: Use specific metrics like listing-to-sales price ratios or the average number of offers your clients need to make before securing a home. These details help clients gauge your effectiveness in the current market conditions.

5. Customer Satisfaction and Reviews: Social proof is a powerful tool for establishing competence. Highlight your positive client reviews and testimonials. For example, “With over 1800 five-star reviews across major platforms, our clients’ satisfaction speaks to our capability and reliability.”

6. Professional Awards and Recognition: If applicable, mention any awards or recognitions you or your brokerage have received. This can further cement your standing as a leading professional in the real estate industry.

The Outcome

By effectively demonstrating your competence, you solidify the trust that is foundational to any client-agent relationship. This trust enables you to smoothly transition into discussing your value proposition and what sets you apart in handling their specific needs, which ultimately positions you to successfully secure the buyer broker agreement.

Remember, every client interaction is an opportunity to exhibit both warmth and competence. Mastery of these elements will not only enhance your client relationships but also boost your conversion rate of kept buyer consultations to signed buyer broker agreements.

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