Have you quit yet?!


So have you given up on your 2024 goals yet?

It’s the second week of February. According to Strava research, by the second week of February, 80% of people have already abandoned their New Year’s resolutions and goals. So this is a good time to ask yourself: “Have I stayed committed to your 2024 goals, or have I have I given up?”

If you’re still on track for your goals, congratulations! But if you’re part of the 80%, don’t beat yourself up. There’s a powerful method out there to help you get back – and stay on – course: habit stacking. Let’s explore how this technique can keep you on track to hit your goals, especially in real estate.

Understanding Habit Stacking

Habit stacking, a concept popularized by James Clear in his book “Atomic Habits,” is about layering a new habit onto an existing one. It leverages the automatic nature of an established habit to introduce a new, goal-oriented behavior. For instance, you might already have a morning routine like brushing your teeth. Habit stacking involves adding a new habit, such as reviewing your daily real estate goals immediately after brushing your teeth. Daily review of your goals is proven to increase your chances of hitting those goals. The idea is to create an automatic trigger from an established habit to a new, productive one.

Why Discipline Alone Fails

Relying solely on discipline for new goals can be exhausting. Discipline, like any resource, gets depleted over the day. When you’re attempting to introduce a new action or activity that’s outside your comfort zone, it requires a significant amount of discipline. Over time, as this discipline wanes, so does the likelihood of sticking to your new goals. This decline in discipline is why many people abandon their resolutions early in the year.

Habit Stacking in Real Estate

As a Realtor, your goal might be to grow your business, which requires consistent and focused effort. The 20% of activities that will drive 80% of your results might not always be the most enjoyable. This is where habit stacking becomes essential. By adding these critical real estate tasks to your existing routine, you leverage your automatic behaviors to trigger the new activity. This reduces the reliance on discipline alone and makes these tasks part of your daily flow.

Building Your Own Habit Stack

Start by identifying a series of habits you already perform without fail. It could be your morning coffee, exercise, or meditation/prayer. Then, methodically add a new habit that aligns with your real estate goals. For example, after your morning coffee, dedicate 60 minutes to lead generation. Over time, this new habit will become as automatic as having your coffee.

The Power of Cumulative Success

The beauty of habit stacking is in its cumulative effect. Each small, successful habit paves the way for the next, creating a powerful momentum that propels you toward your goals. As you stack these habits, the velocity your experience in reaching your goals becomes faster and your chances of hitting your goals surge in probability.

Your 2024 Goals Matter

Your goals for this year are important – not just for your career growth but for your personal development as well. Habit stacking is your secret weapon to ensure you don’t give up on what you set out to achieve. If you’re curious about how to implement this strategy effectively, feel free to reach out. I’m here to help you understand how habit stacking can transform your approach to your 2024 goals.

Remember, your goals are worth pursuing, and with the right habit stacking in place, you’re more than capable of achieving them. Let’s make 2024 a year of fulfilled ambitions and successful habits.