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Jun 10 2024

Do this first if you want to sign a buyer broker agreement!

As of this writing, we are 5 weeks out from the mandatory adoption of buyer broker agreements. That's why Lockbox has dedicated the month of June to educating Realtors on how to properly structure a buyer consultation that yields a signed buyer broker agreement. If you missed it, start with last week's post on why trust is so important to earn early in the consultation. Today we focus on how to earn one of the ...

Apr 29 2024

The RAH Technique

Let's face it: we're in sales; we're going to get a lot of objections. It's critical as a sales professional for you to have the right mindset and the right skills to work your way through the objection part of all sales processes. So here comes a fundamental approach that will significantly improve your interactions with your clients: the R.A.H. objection handling technique. This simple yet powerful method can be a game-changer in your sales ...

Apr 8 2024

Fish Upstream! Find next year’s sellers today

As the face of our industry changes, from technology, from competition - and most notably in the past few months, from regulation -  we need to identify and connect with next year's sellers before they even consider reaching out to other Realtors. How do you start building your pipeline with potential listings for 2025? Door-knocking. That's right. Door-knocking, one of the oldest lead-generation techniques, has made a powerful comeback. While it may generate anxiety at ...

Mar 4 2024

What is a “Level Shift”?

What is a Level Shift? In any service business, your sales capacity will always be limited by your communication skills. And part of strong communication skills is working through people's different perceptions and assumptions. I'd like to introduce a powerful technique many great communicators use in sales and influence that can help reframe people's perceptions and objections. This method is known as the 'level shift'. It's a tool used to reframe objections in a manner ...

Jan 22 2024

The “Tie-Down” Close

Here's a powerful communication tool that can significantly improve your communication and sales skills with clients: the tie-down technique. This pattern is not just a closing technique but a way to foster commitment and logical thinking in your clients. That can be very powerful when, as Realtors, we work in a highly emotionally charged time in people's lives! What Is the Tie-Down Technique? The tie-down technique is a communication strategy used for two purposes: 1) ...

Oct 18 2023

The ‘Question Close’: Critical for Realtors

If you’re new to sales, the idea of “Closing” in the sales process can leave you feeling intimidated, anxious, put off, or insincere. The goal of this blog post is to help you realize that that doesn’t have to be the case - and shouldn’t be the case! And the easiest way to become familiar and confident with Closing is with every salesperson’s go-to technique, the “Question Close”   First things first though: let's remember ...
Home-buying language for tenants

Oct 2 2023

Why any interest rate is a good rate for renters

Realtor colleagues, we all have friends or acquaintances who are currently renting and should be homeowners. Perhaps they've voiced concerns about buying a home right now, especially given today’s higher interest rates. Perhaps they are concerned about prices relative to where they were just a few years ago.    They might be thinking, "I'll wait until the rates drop," or “I’ll wait until the market crashes and prices come down.” But as real estate professionals, ...
The Realtor Permissive Close technique

Sep 25 2023

The Permissive Close

Realtor friends, as you know, residential real estate sales is an exciting blend of sales and service. The service part is oftentimes more enjoyable, but we need to ask for the sale first to provide the service. Sometimes we may not have all the rapport we should but the timing is right to ask for the sale. This is where The Question Close works best.    Let's start by acknowledging a universal truth about our ...

Aug 7 2023

How to Ask for A Five-Star Review

Today we are going to break down two different strategies for asking for an online review. And if you read to the bottom, I will share with you the Jedi-level technique that will significantly increase the frequency with which you earn those precious five-star reviews. The important thing to remember here is that online reviews are the new currency of trust when working with people that have not yet met you.    So first, a ...

Jul 17 2023

How to Increase Your Lead Response Rate by 55%

Today, you're going to discover a powerful strategy that can help you boost your internet lead conversion rate by a massive 55% (!). As a Realtor, you understand the challenge of transforming internet leads from a seemingly endless stream of impersonal data to actual humans with real buying and selling opportunities that can drive your business growth.    The strategy I'm going to share with you hinges on using video texts to bring a touch ...