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Jun 26 2023

Unemployment: A Crash Course for Realtors

Hello Realtor friends, it’s time for another blog post designed to empower you with knowledge about leads, listings, and leadership. Today we are going to demystify the economic term ‘unemployment,’ and learn why we should care about it as Realtors. I've spent a considerable portion of my career being a student about the economic drivers of our industry, and today, we dive into the significance of 'Unemployment'.   Yes, as Realtors, we do care about ...

May 30 2023

Seize the Peak: The Imperative of Massive Action for the Next 30 Days

Hello Realtor friends, this is Peter Chabris from Lockbox, your go-to platform for insights on leads, listings, and leverage. It's time to rally, buckle up, and make hay because we have just 30 days remaining in our peak season here in Cincinnati.   You might wonder why the urgency. Real estate, as we know, is cyclical. There is a rhythm to our industry and it’s tied directly to the seasons. This is especially true in ...

May 22 2023

GDP: A Crash Course For Realtors

As real estate agents, we have to wear several hats and be knowledgeable in multiple areas of study. We must not only be knowledgeable salespeople but also economists, consultants, and advisors to our clients. Understanding how the economy works and being able to communicate it is a powerful differentiator. Being conversational in housing economics quickly earns the trust of future clients and the referrals of your past clients and sphere!    In this first installment ...

Jan 19 2023

How to date an 800lb gorilla?

How do you date an 800 pound gorilla? If we're talking about 800 pound gorillas in the residential real estate space, we're talking about Zillow. Zillow is the single largest consumer brand recognized in the residential real estate space. They are here and they are here to stay. Everyone has an opinion about Zillow - I used to have a very strong opinion about Zillow. Then I thought "What is the opportunity with Zillow being ...
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Jan 18 2023

Send the Magical Seller Lead-Generation Email

Realtor friends, the single greatest source of sellers are in your phone; it's your sphere of interest! Watch this 30 minute video to learn how The Chabris Group generated 28 listing leads for its agents - 5 days before Christmas! Peter Chabris reveals exactly how to send the invitations, capture the registrants, lay out the agenda of the webinar, and how to follow up to schedule listing appointments. *The actual content begins at minute 3:25

Jan 12 2023

The Single Largest Source of Home Buyers in 2023

It's a fact. Most experts think that the number of sales opportunities in 2023 is going to drop by 30-35%. Now here we are in January. We're setting goals for ourselves and thinking "How am I going to make the real estate sales happen this year?" Wouldn't it be nice to know where you can find a deep source of ready, willing, and able buyers? I'm going to share with you what that 2023 motherlode ...

Jan 5 2023

How to Predict Your 2023 Sales

If you're like me, there's been a time where you didn't feel like you were totally in control of your real estate business. Sometimes that's because we're setting the wrong goals and setting ourselves up for failure. We're going to unpack that and fix that. Most of us set goals this time of year. We set goals like "I'm going to make $100,000" or "I'm going to sell 36 houses." Those are awesome - I ...

Nov 23 2022

Most Realtors don’t know this

Most Realtors don't know this formula, and their clients pay the price!  Although every lender knows this formula, because Realtors don’t know it, they're not writing contracts that can best leverage today's market to reduce the affordability for their buyers. The question is “how many closing costs can a seller pay?” *Disclaimer: this data is subject to change. It’s our responsibility to educate our clients and get them in front of mortgage professionals.  Here's the ...

Nov 21 2022

Why Realtors aren’t confident in their finances

If you're watching this video, you're probably a residential real estate agent. If you're like me, there have been times in your career where you've felt a little bit of anxiety around your personal finances. I hated that feeling, but it's real because we're on 100% commission. There is no salary. There is no consistency in our income. It's a horrible feeling, and I have spent years and years trying to solve for this feeling ...