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Apr 8 2024

Fish Upstream! Find next year’s sellers today

As the face of our industry changes, from technology, from competition - and most notably in the past few months, from regulation -  we need to identify and connect with next year's sellers before they even consider reaching out to other Realtors. How do you start building your pipeline with potential listings for 2025? Door-knocking. That's right. Door-knocking, one of the oldest lead-generation techniques, has made a powerful comeback. While it may generate anxiety at ...

Jan 29 2024

Funnel Secrets: Conversion Skills!

Earlier this month, we identified that: 1) without leads, nothing happens; and 2) booking an appointment with someone who has a real estate need is the best metric to project future sales success. Generating leads is primarily done by activities: holding an open house, going to networking events, calling your sphere, talking to FSBOs, taking a sign call, etc. Once you are ear-to-ear, face-to-face, or event keyboard-to-keyboard with a lead, moving that lead down the ...

Jan 10 2024

Before appointments: LEADS!

Realtor friends, as we begin the year and start to pursue success in 2024, there's one critical element that stands as the foundation of everything we do to be successful in sales: LEADS! Leads: The Starting Point of Your Real Estate Success In last week's post about appointments vs sales [need link here!!!], we discussed shifting your focus off of home sales and onto booking appointments. While setting appointments is a critical step, it's essential ...

Oct 30 2023

we are in a recession: Here’s how to thrive

Realtor friends, let’s address the elephant in the room: our industry is in a recession. The US economy may still be growing, but with the jump in interest rates over the past 20 months and tight inventory, we have experienced four consecutive quarters of negative growth (a recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of negative growth). So we're in a recession. In fact, nationally, we are at a ~23% drop in transactions year over ...

Oct 11 2023

Why 87% of Realtors don’t make it

Realtor friends, you may have heard this startling statistic before, but in case you haven’t: 87% of agents don't make it more than five years in the real estate business. The five-year mark is important as that’s generally considered the year that you don’t have to work as hard for your next sale: repeat business starts and referral business grows.    Why do 87% of Realtors fail to hit the 5-year mark?    Many enter ...

Jul 29 2023

Cold Calls Suck! And Why Warm Leads are Underrated. 

Let’s keep it real here: cold calls suck! 'Hot’ leads, on the other hand, are easy lay-ups that we relish as they are oftentimes an easier sale.    However, the essence of a successful real estate career lies not in the extremes of cold calls and hot leads, but in the nuanced, in-between spectrum of warm leads. This is where the real magic happens, and where the majority of your income is generated. Our willingness ...