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Mar 18 2024

Slow down … or speed up?

When speaking with clients and prospects, should you be speeding up your speech, or perhaps taking it down a notch? Does it even matter? Believe it or not, it does ... a lot! Pace of speech is a crucial aspect of a communication technique known as "mirroring and matching." This topic is so rich and multifaceted that we could explore it from many angles, but this blog post's focus is on pace of speech . ...

Jan 29 2024

Funnel Secrets: Conversion Skills!

Earlier this month, we identified that: 1) without leads, nothing happens; and 2) booking an appointment with someone who has a real estate need is the best metric to project future sales success. Generating leads is primarily done by activities: holding an open house, going to networking events, calling your sphere, talking to FSBOs, taking a sign call, etc. Once you are ear-to-ear, face-to-face, or event keyboard-to-keyboard with a lead, moving that lead down the ...