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May 6 2024

The *OTHER* Regulatory Change We’re Facing

As we all prepare for the changes triggered by the proposed NAR settlement, there is another, less popularized shift in our regulatory environment that may not be on everyone’s radar yet. Here's the other development that will impact how some of Realtors generate business: a recent FCC ruling affecting lead aggregators like Zillow, Homelight, and Fast Expert. Understanding the FCC's New Ruling The FCC recently passed regulation that changes the way leads can be sold, ...

Mar 25 2024

Zillow’s Bold Cincinnati Statement

A few months ago, Zillow predicted Cincinnati to be the nation's second-hottest market in 2024. Why? And how do we talk about this with our clients and prospects? Understanding Zillow's Ranking So why has Cincinnati earned such a prestigious ranking from Zillow? It boils down to three key factors: 1. Appreciation: Unlike many larger municipalities that saw depreciation last year due to rising interest rates, Cincinnati experienced appreciation. This trend is a strong indicator of ...

Mar 11 2024

Is the New Zillow?

Realtor friends, unless you've been living under a rock for the past 2 months, you have been exposed to the massive marketing push generated by the emergence of a rebooted With re-entering the portal space, its sights clearly set on displacing Zillow as the top consumer portal, we all need to pay attention. Its significant marketing investment has rapidly increased traffic, and aims to redefine the landscape of online real estate platforms. ...