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Feb 5 2024

Have you quit yet?!

So have you given up on your 2024 goals yet? It's the second week of February. According to Strava research, by the second week of February, 80% of people have already abandoned their New Year's resolutions and goals. So this is a good time to ask yourself: "Have I stayed committed to your 2024 goals, or have I have I given up?" If you're still on track for your goals, congratulations! But if you're part of ...

Jan 15 2024

Happy Quitter’s Day!

Happy Quitters Day! January 19th is "Quitter's Day". Originally coined (I think) by Strava, the athletic social network, Quitters Day marks the day when most people give up on their New Year's resolutions. Strava found that by the 3rd week of January, 50% of their users had abandoned their health goals for the year.  That's a travesty! Why does this happen, and more importantly, how can you, as a real estate agent, avoid falling into ...

Jan 3 2024

It’s not about closings; it’s about appointments

Realtor friends, many of you are setting or have already set your business goals for the year, typically revolving around the number of clients you'll serve or number of homes you'll sell. That's great! And yet while the number of closings you have will ultimately determine your income for the year, there is a more important metric to focus on than closings: appointments kept. Rethinking Goal Metrics: Appointments Over Closings The common sales target for ...

Dec 19 2023

The 90/10 Rule: Jedi-Level Time Management

If you are a Realtor pursuing higher levels of success, you are likely familiar with the 80/20 rule (If not, definitely check out this post on the 80/20 rule for Realtors! But have you heard about the 90/10 rule? It's the Jedi-level skill for time management and productivity. Back to Basics: Understanding the 80/20 Rule First, a quick reminder: the 80/20 rule, or Pareto's Principle, suggests that 80% of your results come from just 20% ...

May 15 2023

How Realtors Win the Morning 

Ok Realtors, we are excited to share our first blog post as Lockbox, where we teach real estate agents lessons in leads, listings, and leadership.    From top-producing agents that sell dozens of homes every year to underperforming agents that are struggling to maintain a pipeline, all Realtors have an equal amount of time every day. How is it that some agents are able to sell so many more homes than others in the same ...

Feb 8 2023

These 1-Minute Life Hacks Help You Hit Your Goals

We're in February now and we're about 8.5% into the new year. This is where our goals start to lose some of their shininess and some of our commitment may wane a little bit. I want to share with you two life hacks that can help you stay on point as you pursue your financial and/or personal goals. So, the first hack I want to share with you is the 42% rule. Psychologists have done ...