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Jun 3 2024

Buyer Broker Agreements? They’re All About TRUST

As we approach the widespread adoption of buyer broker agreements, the need to refine our Buyer consultation and presentation skills is more critical than ever. With these changes just around the corner, our focus for June will be on enhancing the way we engage with potential buyers during these critical initial meetings. The key to successfully navigating these discussions? Trust. Trust: The Currency of All Real Estate Transactions In any sales scenario, the party that ...

May 20 2024

What is “Return on Database”?

Ok Realtor friends, are you effectively measuring the health of your business? Most agents focus on the number of homes sold, total volume, or overall profit. While these are certainly important metrics, there's another crucial indicator you might be overlooking: the Return on Database (ROD). What is Return on Database? Return on Database is the measure of how many transactions—be they repeat or referral—you generate from the people who already know, trust, and recommend you. ...

May 13 2024

What is Social Proof … and How Does It Influence Real Estate Sales?

Realtor friends, are you fully leveraging the power of social proof in your sales strategy? Do you know what the term actually means, and how it applies to generating more real estate sales? What is Social Proof? The term was initial coined by Robert Cialdini in his influential 1984 book, "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion." Robert Cialdini identified Social Proof as one of seven techniques which can be applied to influence the decision-making of others. ...