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Dec 13 2023

Jordan Freed’s 4 “C’s” of Success

What if there was a simple blueprint for unlocking the most potent version of yourself -  a simple and effective way to achieve success in your desired pursuits? Last month at Crush 2024, executive business coach Jordan Freed shared just that. He was the keynote speaker at the event, and the 60 minutes he shared with us was a steady stream of simple truths that were both inspiring and actionable. (Thanks Jordan for your shout-out ...

Nov 27 2023

The Realtor Sales Funnel

Realtor friends, as 100% commissioned salespeople, you want to make sure that we get the greatest return (closings) on the time that you spend doing your job, right?    To achieve more sales and to do so more efficiently requires a conscious understanding of our industry’s sales funnel.    What is a Sales Funnel?   In case you're new to sales, a sales funnel, at its most basic, is simply a process that tracks your ...

Sep 1 2023

How to Generate More Listings with Social Media

In cities like Cincinnati - and across most of the country - Realtors are experiencing a highly limited availability of listings. In the most acute seller’s market in our country’s history, it’s a great time to take listings! The question we are all asking ourselves is, ‘How do I take more listings?’   Perception is Reality   In sales specifically, and for the most part, life in general, perception is reality. How you're perceived by ...

May 15 2023

How Realtors Win the Morning 

Ok Realtors, we are excited to share our first blog post as Lockbox, where we teach real estate agents lessons in leads, listings, and leadership.    From top-producing agents that sell dozens of homes every year to underperforming agents that are struggling to maintain a pipeline, all Realtors have an equal amount of time every day. How is it that some agents are able to sell so many more homes than others in the same ...

May 2 2023

The Four Qualifying Questions Realtors MUST Ask New Investor Clients

Realtors, many of us are leaving opportunities for repeat transactions, additional income, and priceless wealth-building lessons if we aren’t working with investors! If you are interested in working with more investors, read below to learn the four MUST-ASK questions to review with new investor clients before you start working with them. If you aren’t interested in working with investors, I invite you to read at least the next section and reconsider. 😀   Why Work ...

Apr 5 2023

Crack the MOFIR Code: Transform Your Real Estate Business and Skyrocket Your Conversions

Unlock the Power of MOFIRs: The Secret to Converting Leads Like a Pro The Mystery of MOFIRs Ok, Realtor friends, today I'm excited to share a game-changing concept with you that will level up the way you approach lead conversion in your real estate business. It's called using a MOFIR. It's not just any ordinary method - it's a secret weapon that the top real estate agents and marketers use in the industry to consistently ...