Before appointments: LEADS!


Realtor friends, as we begin the year and start to pursue success in 2024, there’s one critical element that stands as the foundation of everything we do to be successful in sales: LEADS!

Leads: The Starting Point of Your Real Estate Success

In last week’s post about appointments vs sales [need link here!!!], we discussed shifting your focus off of home sales and onto booking appointments. While setting appointments is a critical step, it’s essential to recognize that nothing happens before you identify and connect with someone who needs to buy or sell real estate. This is where leads come into play. What is a lead? Really it’s just someone what raises their hand in some capacity (registers on a website, attends an open house, mentions they will move this Spring at lunch, etc.) with a need to buy or sell real estate.

The Lifeblood of Our Industry: Leads

Leads are not just a part of the process; they are the very beginning of it. Without leads, there’s no one to book appointments with, no domino effect to initiate, and ultimately, no closing to celebrate. Your ability to generate leads is what fuels your entire operation. It’s about finding those motivated individuals who are ready to take action in the real estate market.

Navigating a Contracting Market

In a market that contracted about 23.8% last year, the importance of lead generation is even more pronounced. It will take more effort and more leads to find people ready to move in today’s market. The more extreme the market we find ourselves in, the less people will be willing to transact, and the more people you will need to talk to to find the motivated. Your focus, especially in the first three months of the year, is talking to as many people as possible about real estate as you build a robust pipeline through effective lead generation.

Generating leads is about laying the groundwork for future success. It’s the proactive step you take today that sets the stage for the appointments, client interactions, and closings of tomorrow. It’s not always fun. In fact, it’s frequently hard work. But it’s the reason most people don’t like sales, and the first quarter of the year is your opportunity to fill your pipeline with potential clients.

Need to Expand Your Lead Sources?

If you’re looking for fresh ideas to generate more leads than you did last year (or if you’re new to the business!) and you live in Cincinnati, here’s some good news: On January 18th, I will share 24 different lead sources to help you generate more business in 2024. If you’re in Cincinnati and watching this video or reading this email, take this opportunity to learn and expand your lead-generating strategies. You can register for “24 Lead Sources for 2024” here. In this class, you’ll learn 24 effective ways to generate leads that can transform your business in 2024.

Leads First!

Remember, without leads, the rest of your real estate activities can’t follow. Focusing on lead generation, particularly in these early months, sets you up for success throughout the year. It’s about filling your pipeline today for the appointments – and ultimately the closings – you’ll celebrate tomorrow.